Ph D. Students

吳明鴻 (2022)
Ming-Hung Wu

Now at Macronix
STT-MRAM Neuron and Synapse: A Pathway toward All-Spin Spiking Neural Network

黃欣慧 (2022)
Hsin-Hui Huang

Now at TSMC
Comprehensive Physical Modeling Framework of Ferroelectric Capacitors and Optimization of Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions

林智斌 (2022)
Chih-Pin Lin

Now at Purdue
Disorder Optimization of Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

賴逸修 (2022)
Yi-Hsiu Lai

Effect of Interface Traps at Metal-Amorphous InGaZnO Contact on High-Voltage Devices and Photodetectors

張志丞 (2022)
Chih-Cheng, Chang

In-Memory Computing with Emerging Non-volatile Memory for Efficient Processing of Deep Neural Networks

張哲嘉 (2021)
Che-Chia Chang

Now at TSMC
Exploring ALD bilayer non-filamentary RRAM for ultra-high density crossbar array applications

劉邦軒 (2019)
Pang-Shiuan Liu

Now at TSMC
Artificial optical synaptic transistor based on two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides

黃俊宏 (2019)
Jyun-Hong Huang

Now at TSMC
2D solid-phase crystallization of sputtered transition metal dichalcogenides

盧志竤 (2018)
Chih-Hung Lu

Now at PowerChip
Low-voltage pH sensor fabricated by low-temperature a-IGZO and PEALD HfO2 sensing membrane

王怡婷 (2018)
I-Ting Wang

Now at TSRI
Development of Ta/TaOx/TiO2/Ti analog synapse for 3D synaptic network applications

劉仁傑 (2018)
Jen-Chieh Liu

Now at TSMC
Application-oriented RRAM programming method design toward the era of artificial intelligence of things

余明爵 (2016)
Ming-Jiue Yu

Now at TLC
High-voltage Transistor and Roll-to-roll Fabrication by Using Low Temperature a-InGaZnO Technology.

侯福居 (2016)
Fu-Ju Hou

Now at TSRI
Process technologies and characteristics of diamond-shaped Ge nanowire field-effect transistor and microwave-annealed Si tunnel transistor

徐崇威 (2015)
Chung-Wei Hsu

Now at TSMC
Non-linear Resistive-switching Memory for 3D Ultra-high Density Storage-class Memory Applications.

吳仕傑 (2014)
Shih-Chieh Wu

Now at TSMC
Single-Transistor Multi-bit-per-cell Resistive-switching Memory for Low-cost Embedded Applications.

羅文呈 (2013)
Wun-Cheng Luo

Now at TSMC
Dissertation: Statistical study and rapid prediction methodology of RRAM SET speed-disturb dilemma.

黃俊嘉 (2012)
Jiun-Jia Huang

Now at TSMC
Cross-point Resistive Switching Memory for High-density Data Storage and Flexible Electronics.

林冠良 (2012)
Kuan-Liang Lin

Now at TSMC
Study on nonvolatile binary-oxide-based resistive switching memory.

陸志誠 (2010)
Chin-Cheng Lu

Now at Broadcom
Study of stress memorization technique on the characteristics of nanoscale nMOS transistors.

Master Students

Yun Chih, Hsu

MoTe2 Tellurium Vacancy Repairing by MPS Treatment

Le-Chih Cho

Algorithm Design for Solving Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization with In-Memory Computing Architecture

邱垂頤 (2022)
Chui-Yi Chiu

Now at TSMC
Thickness Scaling of Ferroelectric Hf1-xZrxO2 Capacitors and Ferroelectric Tunnel Junction

陳柏安 (2022)
Po-Ann Chen

Now at MediaTek
Stochastic Time Ensemble for Accurate In-Memory Computing Design

陳瑞富 (2022)
Rui-Fu Chen

Now at TSMC
Two-dimensional Solid Phase Crystallization: Area-selective Growth, Vertical Stacking, and Polarity Control

陳昱豪 (2022)
Yu-Hao Chen

Now at TSMC
Fatigue Recovery and Integration of Amorphous InGaZnO Channel in Hafnium Zirconium Oxide Ferroelectric Memory

王譽霖 (2022)
Yuh-Lin Wang

Now at MediaTek
Comparison of Digital and Computing-in-memory Accelerators for Binarized Neural Network

黃子軒 (2022)
Tz-Shiuan Huang

Now at intel
Back-End-of-Line Compatible HfxZr1-xO2 Ferroelectric Capacitors with High Scalability

宋耘 (2022)
Yun Sung

Variation-Tolerant Ternary RRAM-based In-memory Computing Macro Design for Object Detection

葉淑銘 (2021)
Suk-Min Yap

Now at TSMC
Threshold switching selectors for spiking neuron application: Device characterization and modeling

朱玥樺 (2021)
Yueh-Hua Chu

Now at TSMC
Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 ferroelectric tunnel junction memory with high current density

陳彥瑜 (2021)
Yen-Yu Chen

Now at TSMC
Implementing Hebbian and anti-Hebbian STDP in MoS2 photo-synaptic transistor using all-optical scheme

顏孟輝 (2020)
Meng-Hui Yan

Now at TSMC
Simulation and Design Optimization of Metal-Ferroelectric-Metal FETs

黃銘舜 (2020)
Ming-Shun Huang

Now at TSMC
Algorithm Design for Hardware-based Spiking Neural Network.

張育愷 (2020)
Yu-Kai Chang

Now at TSMC
Investigating Resistive Switching Mechanism of Bilayer RRAM Using Impedance Analysis.

李少慈 (2020)
Shao-Tzu Li

Now at MediaTek
Binary RRAM-based In-memory Computing Macro Design with High Linearity.

吳姿澐 (2019)
Tzu-Yun Wu

Now at TSMC
Low-Current Ferroelectric Tunnel Junction Memory for Neuromorphic Computing.

康祐維 (2019)
Yu-Wei Kang

Now PhD Student at University of Manchester
Contact-First Two-Dimensional Transistor and Atomic Layer Etching Engineering.

徐浩樺 (2019)
Hao-Hua Hsu

Now at TSMC
Rapid thermal recrystallization and defect modulation of sputtered MoTe2

曾婉淇 (2019)
Wan-Qi Zeng

Now at MediaTek
Artificial neural network and resistive random access memory for handwritten digit recognition.

Paritosh Piyush Sahu (2019)

Compact Modelling of Synaptic and Neuron devices and their application in Hardware Neural Networks

陳品君 (2018)
Pin-Chun Chen

Now at TSMC
RRAM crossbar-based hybrid unsupervised and supervised spiking neural network.

陳品君 (2018)
Pin-Chun Chen

Now at TSMC
RRAM crossbar-based hybrid unsupervised and supervised spiking neural network.

Vijjapu Mani Teja (2018)

Logic-compatible binary resistive-switching memory using atomic layer deposition technique.

蘇智群 (2018)
Chih-Chun Su

Now at MediaTek
Extendable hardware neural network platform for pattern recognition.

陳盈 (2017)
Ying Chen

Now at Local Church
Compact circuit model of HfO2/TiO2 bilayer resistive synaptic device

廖偉成 (2017)
Wei-Chen Liao

Now at UMC
Heterophase interface of molybdenum ditelluride transistor.

林芮萍 (2017)
Ruei-Ping Lin

Now at TSMC
Implementing short-channel high-voltage transistors using low-temperature a-InGaZnO technology.

李宗翰 (2017)
Tsung-Han Lee

Now at TSMC
Study of band-to-band tunneling transistor using Ge-MoS2 heterostructure.

沈于琳 (2017)
Yu-Lin Shen

Now at GUC
Hardware implementation and design consideration of two-layer perceptron using RRAM synapse.

王泰方 (2016)
Tai-Fang Wang

PhD. Ecole Poly Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Electrode effect and device scaling of ALD bilayer RRAM.

林敬庭 (2016)
Ching-Ting Lin

Now at TSMC
Improving contact resistance of molybdenum disulfide transistor.

周德玉 (2016)
Te-Yuh Chou

Now PhD Student at U. Michigan ECE
Implementation of hardware neural network system based on analog resistive artificial synapse.

邱麗文 (2016)
Li-Wen Chiu

Now at Phison Electronics Corp.
Hardware neural network platform based on resistive synaptic device and its pattern recognition application.

賴韋利 (2015)
Wei-Li Lai

Now at TSMC
TaOx/TiO2 bilayer RRAM for flexible array and 3D vertical memory applications.

張宇宏 (2015)
Yu-Hong Chang

Now at TSMC
Demonstrating low-temperature a-IGZO thin film transistors for high-voltage power devices.

林子評 (2015)
Tzu-Ping Lin

Now at TSMC
Numerical modeling of filamentary and non-filamentary RRAM

林智斌 (2015)
Chih-Pin Lin

Now at Purdue
Transition metal dichalcogenides thin film transistor: Grain size and doping effects.

戚力仁 (2014)
Li-Jen Chi

Now at TSMC
Demonstrating low-temperature all-oxide integrated circuit by using a-InGaZnO thin film transistors.

王鈺芬 (2014)
Yu-Fen Wang

Now at TSMC
Numerical simulation of RRAM and electronic synaptic device

林妍君 (2014)
Yen-Chuan Lin

Now at TSMC
RRAM-based electronic synaptic device and compact model

周群策 (2014)
Chun-Tse Chou

Now at TSMC
Ta/TaOx/TiO2/Ti bilayer RRAM for applications of crossbar array and flexible

劉仁傑 (2013)
Jen-Chieh Liu

PhD. NCTU, Now at TSMC
In-depth understanding of RRAM reliability and switching physics based on TDDB methods

張朝淵 (2013)
Chao-Yuan Chang

Now at TSMC
Study of tungsten-diselenide thin film transistor

羅淳立 (2013)
Chun-Li Lo

PhD. Purdue ECE, Now at Applied Materials
Array-level analysis on crossbar resistive-switching random access memory for high-density data storage

陳冠龍 (2012)
Guan-Long Chen

Now at ITRI
Current conduction mechanisms of TiO2-based bipolar nonlinear selection device

夏國譯 (2012)
Kuo-Yi Hsia

Now at TSMC
Development of three-dimensional vertical resistive-switching random access memory

黃旺駿 (2012)
Wang-Chun Huang

Now at TSMC
Organic nonvolatile memory using C60 as floating gatege

馮顯琮 (2012)
Hsien-Tsung Feng

Now at TSMC
Numerical RRAM simulation based on Joule heating effect and percolation theory

傅新鈞 (2011)
Shin-Jiun Fu

Now at TSMC
ZnO:Al TFT fabricated on Si and flexible substrates at room temperature

羅傑 (2011)
Chieh Lo

Now at Macronix
Hybrid logic/resistive-switching poly-Si thin film transistor

曾奕銘 (2011)
Yi-Ming Tseng

Now at Amazing Microelectronic Corp
High-density one selector-one resistor crossbar memory on flexible substrates

張緯辰 (2010)
Wei-chen Chang

Now at eMemory
Investigate the effect of Ti Incorporation on NiO RRAM

郭志偉 (2010)
Chih-Wei Kuo

Now at Qualcomm
TiO2-based resistive memory fabricated on Si and flexible substrates at room-temperature

Postdoctoral Fellow

王怡婷 (2020-2022)
I-Ting Wang

Now at TSRI
Development of Ta/TaOx/TiO2/Ti analog synapse for 3D synaptic network applications

林智斌 (2021)
Chih-Pin Lin

Now at Purdue
Disorder Optimization of Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

Boris Hudec (2014-2020)

Now at Slovak Academy of Sciences
Development of ALD-based non-filamentary RRAM

Research Assistant

康祐維 (2020-2021)
Yu-Wei Kang

Now PhD Student at University of Manchester
2DM nanosheet transistors

梁富翔 (2019-2020)
Fu-Xiang Liang

Now PhD Student at University of Notre Dame
Modeling and design of spiking neurons

郭俊彥 (2016-2017)
Chun-Yen Kuo

Now PhD Student at City University of Hong Kong
SNN algorithm development

陳玫瑾 (2010)
Mei-Chin Chen

PhD, Purdue ECE, Now at Micron
1S1R crossbar array analysis